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The top 5 things to do after the YES!

Karen Herford • Owner~Wedding Planner~Designer • Events! by Karen Herford

Whether it happened over a romantic dinner, during a walk around the park or you just turned around to see the person you love bending down on one knee, it has happened – you are engaged!


What an extremely important time in your life – the first thing you should do is BREATHE….in…then out – great job.

One more time….in….then out. Ok. Good!

Now let’s talk about some additional things to prepare you for planning your wedding. As a wedding planner, I obviously have many ideas of what should happen after you are engaged. I want to share my top 5 things to get you started. I think after these 5, it’s more a matter of personal preference.

Here we go:

  1. SET A DATE: Before you do anything, sit down together and come up with a date. Try not to pick dates that are holidays and avoid any special occasions that are important to you, your fiancé or your immediate families. Also, locate the calendar for your community and avoid large community events as well, if possible. This is a day that will be important for the rest of your life, choose it wisely!
  2. SHARE THE NEWS: Whether it is an engagement party or announcement cards, all of your friends and family will love sharing the joy of your engagement with the two of you. If you share on social media, ensure your close friends get a personal phone call or invite. Many people are not on social media often and may never see your announcement.
  3. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY: Set a budget. Life will be much easier for all involved if the budget is clear from the beginning. Discuss who is paying for what and what the expectations are. Traditionally, the brides’ parents cover the costs; however, it is not uncommon these days to have the grooms parents pitch in as well. There are also many couples that tackle the bill themselves. Setting and sticking to a realistic budget will cause the happy couple less headache along the way.
  4. HIRE YOUR TEAMMATES…I.E. - SERVICE PROVIDERS: A wedding and reception has quite a few pieces that need to come together and getting those pieces in order can be time consuming. I suggest tackling a few service providers per week. Consider these folks your teammates! The most important service provider is your venue – some venues book 12 months in advance so to ensure you are able to book the date you want, you will want to get on the telephone with your preferred venue right away. After you have found your dream venue, a few other important teammates you should book in my eyes are the Photographer, the Officiant, Entertainment and the Caterer. There are MANY other teammates, of course, but this is where you want to start. The Wedding Resource Guide, Apple Brides and The Knot are also excellent resources to give you a kick start!
  5. And of course, CONSIDER A PLANNER: Is a Wedding Planner 100% necessary? Of course not – many people get through their wedding day just fine without one; however, I suggest at least considering one – even if it’s just to hand the baton to on the day of your wedding (Day of Coordinator). Hiring a Wedding Planner can help you get started overall, assist in organizing your thoughts as well as save you money. Check out a few and get some quotes – it will be well worth it in the end!

There you have it! From there, things will fall into place beautifully. All of the additional things that you need for your big day are up to you. Keep in mind that you do not have to follow tradition in anything that you do. You and your fiancé get to choose what comes next in order of importance to the two of you. Pinterest and other wedding sites are great for inspiration; however, if it is becoming overwhelming for you, turn the computer off, breathe and soul search a bit. You knew what you wanted pre-Pinterest – trust yourself!

This is your day – make it the most memorable day ever!





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